Leighton Meesters mom no longer suing!

Feb 06th, 2012

Leighton Meesters mom no longer suing!

And thank goodness what a desperate attempt of an obviously selfish woman (not to mention her known history of drug abuse), Meester's mother Constance was trying to sue her own daughter for 3 million dollars stating that she sacrificed her own happiness and wellbeing for her daughters acting career therefore she should be legally bound to support her, yeah right! Wasn’t her mom in like rehab when Leighton was born?

So anyways yes we are so glad crazy mom is backing off and leaving Leighton alone but is Leighton ready to drop the case? It doesn’t look like it "Leighton is seeking declaratory relief from the court, which we hope to have wrapped up in the near future," says lawyer James Spertus. And fair enough too!

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