Leonardo DiCaprio Prefers The Jersey Shore Over Lindsay Lohan

Feb 16th, 2010

If there's one thing The Jersey Shore kids have that Lindsay Lohan doesn't, it's Leonardo DiCaprio's thumbs up. While partying with his gal pal Bar Rafaeli one night in Los Angeles, Leo saw the cast, got so excited that he invited them to sit at HIS table. Word on the street is that he made sure Lindsay Lohan (who was also there the same night) did not.

The Jersey Shore kids are STILL talking about one night they spent at a Hollywood club because a major movie star proved to be one of their biggest fans. One night Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli were at Voyeur and Leo was looking bored as usual, with sunglasses and his cap pulled down. The Jersey Shore cast walked in and Leo came to life. He ran up and hugged the startled Snooki, exclaiming “You guys are the coolest!” He insisted on having his photo taken with each of them (You KNOW how he usually hates photos) and invited them to sit at HIS table. “He treated them like ROYALTY,” an observer told us. “He didn’t want Lindsay Lohan to sit at his table, but he loved having the Jersey cast.“ He introduced the Jersey guys to Victoria’s Secret models and was having so much fun he wouldn’t let them leave until 3:30 AM. (source)

Sometimes gel and fake spray tans are more than cocaine and E pills. And when reality stars can act better than you can, why wouldn't an acclaimed actor want a piece? Why have Lindsay when you can get Snooki, J Woww, and Sammi Swthrt at the same time? Think about it. You're lucky enough to hook up with Lindsay and have her keeps her eyes open for the duration.

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