Let The Megan Fox Divorce Rumors Begin

Jul 08th, 2010

It only took the media world a hot second for the Megan Fox divorce rumors to begin. Just after getting married last week, one of Megger's 'friends' went on the record and basically said she is worried about Megan's marriage to David Silver Brian Austin Greene going to shizz.

After reading Wednesday's column about the weekend wedding of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, a friend of Fox's currently in town working on the Ron Howard film called to say she is worried the newlywed's bliss may be short-lived.

"She never got over ['Transformers' co-star] Shia LaBeouf. ... Brian has always been her second choice, but he's a good guy and truly is crazy about her. But, I don't think that one-way street kind of relationship will eventually work out, I'm sorry to say."

Beyatch please.

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