Let's Drink Some Mariah Carey

Jan 22nd, 2010

Because the first thing we all wake up and think about in the morning is "Gee! I'd love to drink some lame crap stamped with Mariah Carey's name on it!" To solidify how full of herself she truly is, Mariah will now be creating her own personal champagne to sell. Only unicorn, rainbow lovin' idiots think it will sell.

After her tipsy speech at an awards ceremony a week ago, the world knows Mariah Carey likes to drink Champagne. Now she's going to sell it. In a Twitter post Friday, the singer announced she's launching a brand of bubbly called Angel Champagne - a rosé.

She also made a joke about her accepting-while-intoxicated appearance at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards gala.

"Didn't realize they put the champagne on the tables, So we WOULDN'T drink it! LoL," she wrote.

After she stumbled through her awards speech, Carey explained away her behavior by saying she had a few too many "splashes." (source)

Man, I would have bet my life this crap would have been called "Rainbow Butterfly Spritz."

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