Linda Hogan's Hairdresser Claims She Uses Alimony $$$ for Drugs

Jun 19th, 2009

The Hogans are right up there with the Lohans as the craziest celebrity family. And since Hulk Hogan and his he-she wife, Linda Hogan, are in the middle of a terrible divorce--we, of course, get to read about all of the juicy details. Not that Brooke Hogan doesn't already talk about it endlessly on her reality show and then complain about privacy or anything. Well, looks like Linda apparently uses her alimony money to buy herself some drugssss.

Meet Tracy Morgan--not the actor, but Linda's hairdresser. In an attempt to lower Linda's $40K a month alimony, Hulk had Morgan testify in court on Monday against his wife. Morgan claims Linda has been spending her temporary court-ordered alimony $$$ on drugs. She also goes on to state that Linda apparently purchased alcohol for minors when she threw a party for son Nick Hogan upon his release from jail. And this kid was sent to jail for reckless driving, right? We got a smart mother on our hands.

Additionally, Linda would have Morgan close her salon to other customers when she came in, usually drunk and belligerent, or high on her pet combination of pot and roxycodone pills. She'd also vindictively threaten to burn the house down before ever letting Hulk move back into it.

Three other witnesses were called to the stand, including a man claiming Linda was high on cocaine, a personal shopper claiming that Linda blew a bunch of money on her boytoy boyfriend, and a United States Postal worker who claimed Linda offered to buy his custom car with alimony money. In the face of a hefty personal injury lawsuit from the family who's son Nick put in the hospital with permanent brain damage, Hulk ain't gonna have that much more to give to Linda! (source)

Of course her attorney claims there is no way to prove this is true. The woman looks like a beat up tranny who just came back from a week binge of crack cocaine and crystal meth. Totally unbelievable accusation...totally.

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