Lindsay HoHan Wants to Convert, Still Lesbian

Mar 03rd, 2009

Lindsay Lohan wants the world to know she is trying to convert to Judiasm for her girlfriend and life partner, Samantha Ronson, her 40-year-old-looking lesbian lover. By world, we meant people via her Facebook status. While she'd end up pleasing Ronson (most likely in more ways than one), she would essentially be letting down an entire religion, the Jews.

Lindsay Lohan is converting to Judaism in a bid to prove her devotion to Jewish girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Although raised a Catholic, the 22-year-old star announced she was planning to change her faith on her Facebook page.

After jetting into London last week, Lindsay joined girlfriend Samantha at the Bar Mitzvah of the DJ's half-brother Joshua Ronson at the Westminster Synagogue on Saturday.

Entering the synagogue, a photographer asked Lindsay if she was switching religions, to which she replied: 'I'm trying.'

Updating her Facebook status this week, Lindsay wrote 'I'm converting'.

Lindsay's change of religion is sure to surprise her family, who come from a long line of Catholics. (source)

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