Lindsay Lohan A Drunken Mess @ Emmy's After Party

Sep 23rd, 2009

Crossed off on Lindsay Lohan's agenda: act a drunken fool at an Emmy after party! GREAT SUCCESS! Invited to an Emmy after party for that crap made for TV movie Labor Pains?! Really?! Were they desperate? Looks like she was. The hard pAArtying actress was seen quite drunk upon leaving.

Lindsay Lohan showed up to the Emmys afterparty at the Chateau Marmont last night around 1:30am, and when X17 photographers snapped the starlet leaving around 3:30am, they reported that the fiesty starlet was "definitely drunk."

Lohan then went to a friend's house in Los Feliz, and she was seen drinking an Amstel Light in the passenger seat of her friend's black SUV. After she realized she was being photographed, the 23-year-old actress threw the beer can at photographers, making a bit of a mess before her friend sped off. (source)

Drinking and driving makes a full complete Lindz, didn't ya know?! Throwing beer cans at photographers, definitely a classy move. Surely climbing up the A List ladder.

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