Lindsay Lohan And Dina Lohan Are Not Pleased With GLEE Poking Fun

Nov 19th, 2010

Since Lindsay Lohan is running out of cash nowadays, it only makes sense for her to sue anything that "slanders" her name. Yeah, make sense when she's pretty much done that to herself, but anywho who am I to judge. If you watch the greatness that is Glee, then you saw Gwyneth Paltrow guest star this past Tuesday. And her character had the pleasure of dissing Lohan and that family certainly did not approve.

In the scene guest star Gwyneth Paltrow (who plays substitute teacher Holly Holiday on Glee) is waxing poetic about how nobody respects the substitute teacher and how all the kids see her being there as a day off or a reason to act out, throw spitballs and go crazy. She decides that the only way to get their attention is to speak their language so she asks them – in Spanish – how many times Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab and she asks them “Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy right?” She then instructs the class to get into groups and discuss how many times Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab.

We laugh (and it is funny) but Lindsay’s mom doesn’t think it is funny at all. Dina Lohan has said it was “Tasteless.” She has had her lawyers send a letter to the producers of Glee. She is staying that the show defamed Lindsay Lohan who is working hard on her recovery. Dina goes on to say that, “Lindsay has an issue that millions of people around the world are dealing with yet ‘Glee’ is treating addiction as a laughing matter.”

This isn’t the first time the mention of Lindsay has brought about some legal wrath from the Lohans. During the Super Bowl last year one of the E-trade commercials featured the talking babies discussing a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan was sure they were talking about her (in her defense she was the first person I thought of after the commercial was over) and she sued them. She settled out of court with them.

If anything it shows that Lindsay's still relevant when a hit show is resorting to chatting about her so get over it!

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