Lindsay Lohan Assaulted A Betty Ford Staffer?

Dec 22nd, 2010

It was only a matter of time until Lindsay Lohan was involved in something ridiculous when it comes to rehab. Word on the street is that Miss Lohan got into a scuffle with a Betty Ford staffer. Lindsay has since denied this, but sources close to the star said she simply pushed back when a staffer approached her.

These sources claim that it started when Lindsay arrived to the Betty Ford Clinic on December 12 about ten minutes after curvew.

Lindsay claims when she walked into the BFC -- a female staff member was "unfairly" scolding her about the situation ... and demanded the actress take a drug/alcohol test. We're told it was during the heated exchange that the woman "put her hands on Lindsay."

Lindsay claims she told the woman, "Take your hands off of me" and then "pushed back."

As we previously reported, local police received a call at 1:03 AM for "hand-to-hand battery" -- and LiLo was named as a suspect. The staffer wants LiLo prosecuted for criminal battery.

Girls a headcase wherever she goes.

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