Lindsay Lohan Caught Leaving Jason Segel's House, Boning Or No Bone?

Dec 09th, 2009

So Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter (which has become really her therapist in the past year) to talk about this whole apparent relationship with Jason Segel. Are we surprised that home girl doesn't know how to spell ridiculous right or the fact she's trying to garner more attention on the matter.

On her official Twitter, Lindz said:

haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It's absurd! @least I'm laughing @the rediculous manifestations
3:33 PM Dec 5th (source)

Because shweetums, when you're leaving any dude's house we doubt it's anything professional. Blow jobs and coke loads? Yes. Professional? No, deary, no.

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