Lindsay Lohan Considering 'Playboy'?

Sep 03rd, 2009

Call us crazy, but when you've gone from A-list to practically considering Playboy, you've basically plummeted. But can you blame Lindsay Lohan for considering $900K since she's not doing much of anything else?

According to Australian tabloid The Day, that's how much Playboy is offering the ginger. And get's $400K more than their initial asking fee!

But Playboy has reportedly upped the ante to $900K, and we hear she’s considering it! Sources say, "Playboy has been asking her for years, but it’s only now she’s excited about doing it." (source)

From Mean Girl to Naked Girl, my my Lindsay you've done a GREAT job with your career. Who are we love it. It wasn't too long ago you thought you were Marilyn Monroe and got naked for New York Magazine. Something tells us we don't want to see where Samant

Wow! We wonder if Lindsay ever thought her career would come to this. But then again, its not the first time she's stripped down for a magazine. Remember her New York Magazine cover? Something tells us we're not really looking forward to check out where Samantha Ronson has ventured...ewwwww!

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