Lindsay Lohan Continues To Be A Joke At Her Trial

May 25th, 2010

Lindsay Lohan had a joke of a trial today. And guess what? She was the lead idiot, go figure. Where to begin. She showed up 10 minutes late, her blouse was plunging, her hair a greasy mess from the night before, the judge ordered her to start wearing a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet within 24 hours of this morning's hearing, testing has to be in Los Angeles

--and let me take a break real quick. Best part when the judge said this, Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holly tried to pull one over on the judge. Stating that the bracelet will interfere with Lohan's "job" and upcoming events. Unfortunately for Linds, the judge wasn't having it and said Lindsay can't even leave LA because that's where the random testing will be done.

So long to your pathetic Lovelace pic being filmed in Texas!

To sum it up, she just looked downright dumb. Can't wait to tune in on July 6th when Lindsay is next scheduled to meet again with the court.

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