Lindsay Lohan Cuckoo at Cuckoo Lounge

Jun 09th, 2009

Not that we're surpised Lindsay Lohan had another meltdown, but this time around a reporter was there to witness the shenanigans in action. Dean Piper, a reporter for The Daily Mirror in the UK happened to be sitting next to the once actress at London's Cuckoo nightclub last Friday. Let's just say Lilo was a hot mess.

I’m used to celebrities getting wasted, making fools of themselves and larking around. But what I witnessed at London’s Cuckoo nightclub this week was beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. Step forward fallen movie star Lindsay Lohan who was on the table next to me at the venue. I watched open-mouthed as Linds sat with her straggly hair all over her face looking strangely detached from the world and mumbled: “I feel so, like, caged. Totally caged.” Unfortunately, the creepy behaviour continued as Lindsay and her posse visited the bathrooms. (source)

She might feel caged, but that's not too far off when your life resembles a zoo. Other reports are also circulating claiming that she and on-again/off-again girlfriend, Samantha Ronson are engaged. Apparently on her Twitter, Lilo wrote:

"Leaving London but with my favorite favorite!!!-travel buddy & great news to share!! Maybe…." (source)

Pointing towards a possible engagement. But we guess La Lohan was living the crazy life over in London because it didn't stop her from looking like a hot mess. We can only handle so much Lohan.

My spy tells me: “She just wouldn’t stop saying she felt caged. She was just not all there and it really was like watching a broken girl in the middle of a complete breakdown. She spent much of the night furiously texting Sam Ronson - and wasn’t best pleased about the texts she was getting. Everyone with her was actually very concerned about her. She seemed like a girl on the brink of self- destruction.” (source)

And just when she started talking smack about Dr. Drew wanting to help her...looks like the new season of Celebrity Rehab might be needed after all.

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