Lindsay Lohan Drops $20K On Clothes While In Rehab

Oct 29th, 2010

Something tells us that when you're in rehab, being able to shop online shouldn't be a priority in one's day. But at Betty Ford Center in California, they have apparently let Lindsay Lohan try it out...and she dropped $20K! Where she got the money, we'll never know.

When the going gets tough in drug rehab, Lindsay Lohan goes shopping! The troubled star managed to drop $20,000 on clothes while locked away at the Betty Ford Center, where she's being treated for cocaine addiction. Lindsay picked up "a few dresses, coats and accessories" from a trendy online Australian boutique, in early October, a source divulged. "Lindsay's a huge fan," continued the source.

And while Lindsay's access to Twitter had been reduced while she's in treatment, that didn't stop her from indulging in some retail therapy via the Internet. Sources at the Aussie clothing site confirmed an online order was recently placed and shipped to Lindsay's Los Angeles home. "She's a shopaholic," added the source. "Lindsay is the first to admit she's a total clotheshorse. At least shopping is a habit that doesn't carry the threat of jail time!"

You know because when you're in rehab, you just HAVE to make sure you don't wear something twice.

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