Lindsay Lohan finally thanks Charlie Sheen...

Dec 17th, 2012

There is never any shortage of stories circulating on Lindsay Lohan. Wherever she goes, rumor and scandal are never far behind.

Charilie Sheen bailed Lohan out of strife by coughing up a rumored $100,000 - after she found herself in $235,00 debt with the IRS.

Rather than lavishing Sheen in her appreciation, Lohan forgot to say a simple thank you. Sheen is said to have been pretty put out at the situation given his generosity towards the star.

Lohan has since apologized and blamed losing her phone (and subsequently contacts) and being unable to obtain his phone number.

Of course, her recent arrest in NYC and criminal charges filed against her stemming from a crash a while ago may have also been playing on her mind and distracting her.

Lohan sent sheen a thank you note and flowers to his house – although we’re unsure whether his funds have paid for her generosity towards him.

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