Lindsay Lohan Fired From Film, Banned From LA Club For Throwing Drink At Samantha Ronson, Daddy Woes, Oh My!

Apr 27th, 2010

Where to begin. It's been a rough few weeks for Lindsay Lohan. Nothing new though, right? Whether it was being fired from a film, daddy Michael Lohan chasing her and sister Ali Lohan around, or throwing a drink at ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson causing her to forever be banned from that club, you could say Lindsay needs a year long sleeping session.

Lindsay was axed from the flick The Other Side after production felt she wasn't "bankable" and more of a liability.

David Michaels, the writer/director, tells TMZ, "Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we'll soon be announcing a replacement."

But sources connected with the film tell us the people financing the film were skittish about relying on Lindsay.

The only person who would even consider hiring her is a person on an intense amount of sedatives.

As for her insane father, Michael is apparently turning into Jamie Spears and seeking to be in charge of Lindsay's life. Dina Lohan claims the crack head dad just wants Lindsay's money and has already applied for a restraining order. He showed up to Lindsay's apartment where he confronted both she and sister, Ali---yeah, we don't think a tween should be partying all hours of the night either, but who's to say what's right and wrong in the Lohan family. Okay, I'm bored, next.

Favorite part of this story? Lindsay throwing her glass at Samantha Ronson's head at LA nightclub, Trousdale. Lindsay was kicked out and banned indefinitely from the nightclub. Samantha even tweeted about the incident minutes after it occurred:

"Just got a glass thrown at my head. ... Hmmm - wonder who did it?"

Lindsay claims SaMan spat in her face last week during Coachella. Frankly I'm just tired of Lindsay and everything having to do with her. It's getting old.

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