Lindsay Lohan Gets Some Model Booty, Petey Wright Style

Nov 02nd, 2009

Where else would Lindsay Lohan get some a$$ from a model then her home away from her home which is really her drug epicenter? The Chateau Marmont, duh! Looks like Lindz is showin' up Samantha Ronson by getting with model hottie, Petey Wright during a sexy photo shoot over the weekend.

The Sun reports:

"Lindsay was all over Petey during the sexy photo shoot, and it continued when the shoot ended," a source told X17. "They headed into a room at the Chateau for two hours and Lindsay couldn't keep her hands off of him - and vice versa."

The lovebirds then moved on to Wonderland nightclub, where a staff member revealed they spent two hours kissing in the corner.

"Oh my god! I was at Wonderland club tonight and Lindsay was there with some hot model guy named Petey," said the insider. "She posted a picture of him on her Twitter! She had her hand on his leg the whole time between kisses, and they stayed for two hours. I can't believe it!" (source)

How does anyone aside from 16-year-olds make out for two hours straight? And even at that age it got tiresome. I love how these sources try to spice things up by saying "she had her hand on his leg the whole time between kisses!" Like OMG she was touching's not like home girl was caught giving him the finger hand dance.

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