Lindsay Lohan Lands A New Sam

Mar 22nd, 2010

Lindsay Lohan has moved on to a new Sam---in the form of a male. Say hello to European model, Sam Webb, who has stolen Lohan's heart and has made her officially bid adieu to her lady love, Samantha Ronson. With eyes set on moving to England, Lohan has become quite obsessed with and tangled in the Webb.

A source told

“She's been talking about moving to England because of him. She's fallen pretty hard for him and follows him wherever he goes,” said one source. “She loves that he’s part of the fashion scene and that he’s legitimate. He has done huge campaigns and she can actually talk about Karl Lagerfeld and he knows who she’s talking about. She’s in heaven.”

Well, she's got to find someone who's working since she doesn't.

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