Lindsay Lohan Low On Cash, Skips Out On Bill

Nov 17th, 2009

It just wouldn't be a complete day without a Lindsay Lohan story. What's it this time? Something we've heard time and time again---Lohan's running low on the funds. Why did home girl leave in tears before paying her bills in Hollywood last night? We doubt it's because she doesn't have the money, more like she's worried she won't have enough to support her coke fund.

It sounds as though Lindsay Lohan is seriously running low on her cash supply. The troubled Tinseltowner was spotted all-smiles at Hollywood hotspot Crown Bar last Thursday but suddenly left in tears -- apparently before paying her bills.

Pop Tarts has been told that toward the end of the evening, Lohan ordered a bottle of champagne but when approached her for the bill she wasn't prepared to pay up.

“Lindsay pointed over at Kellan Lutz and told the waitress just to charge his card,” an insider said.

Lohan left soon after and apparently the situation wasn't really resolved. Naughty naughty. (source)


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