Lindsay Lohan May Spend Her Days, Nights, & Weekends In Jail

May 03rd, 2010

Lindsay Lohan considers herself too cool for alcohol education requirement school. And, well, looks like that coolness may turn in to some jail time for the living on the edge celeb. Lindsay's been on probation for a DUI, but has yet to fulfill the required classes laid down by the judge...and he's just not having it anymore.

TMZ learned:

Judge Marsha Revel made it clear to Lindsay late last year, she must attend alcohol ed courses once every 7 days. The only exception -- if she was in inpatient rehab. And the judge was explicit ... if Lindsay did not comply with the terms of probation, she was going to jail.

The school in which Lindsay enrolled is required by state law to inform the court only if the student is MIA for 21 days. So here's the disconnect: The school has not reported an attendance violation ... because Lindsay frequently waited until the 21st day to attend classes.

Bottom line -- Lindsay met the school's requirement, but squarely violated the judge's order.

Judge Revel has made it clear to Lindsay -- no more chances. If probation is violated, she's going to jail ... and probation was repeatedly violated.

Yeah and I mean she's just too busy with 'work' to attend these classes, right? Because shopping, doing crack, and wreaking havoc in Los Angeles and NYC are jobs, right?

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