Lindsay Lohan Pretty Graphic In New Eerie Photo Shoot

Apr 30th, 2010

Okay, so I know some of you are going to call this "art" and I might be inclined to jump on the bandwagon...had this been a stable actress rather than trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. While Lindsay has went off lately claiming her sanity, something tells me posing for these photos didn't exactly prove her point to the rest of the world.

You can visit these photos at if you really want to. You can also head on over to to really see how cracked out Lindsay is during this shoot.

Here's what Tyler Shields (the photographer) had to say about Lindsay:

Everyone has an idea of Lindsay Lohan and last night I had the pleasure of working with her she is a huge art lover and simply wanted to create some and that is exactly what we did! This is just a taste more to come… Lindsay Will have a few crazy shots in my upcoming book The Dirty Side of Glamor UPDATE I HAVE ADDED MORE FROM THIS SHOOT! If this is your first time to my site please click on the portfolio link to see more and or scroll down!


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