Lindsay Lohan Reconsiders Pleading Guilty

Apr 18th, 2011

Go figure! Lindsay Lohan is now reconsidering her "not guilty" stance. The troubled starlet will be back in court this Friday, April 22, for a preliminary hearing regarding the felony charge she received due to a Venice Beach jewelry store claiming the actress stole a $2,500 necklace. Last time Lindsay was in court, she decided to not accept a plea deal (up to three months in jail) and went with "not guilty" instead. If she's found guilty, she will face up to three years.

Lindsay has stuck with her story and insists she’s innocent. Her plan was to go to trial and be found innocent, but now she may be changing her tune. Last week her lawyer Shawn Holley met with Judge Stephanie Sautner and Deputy DA Danette Meyers to bribe her way out of this mess find out how much jail time Lohan would do if she plead guilty or no contest. Unfortunately the specifics of that conversation were not leaked.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

At worst, Lohan faces three years in a state slammer. She nixed a plea deal that would have gotten her just three months, but with probation as well.

Good luck Lindz!

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