Lindsay Lohan Shows Up To Turn Herself In

Jul 20th, 2010

Today's the day Lindsay Lohan begins her 90-day jail sentence. The actress showed up seven minutes late (8:37 am) and was welcomed by shiny confetti. The random person decided to celebrate and we can't blame him/her. Of course she showed up in designer wear jeans and even sported a much lighter do. After her sentencing, she hopped into the SUV above, which took her to her new home for the next few months.

ABC is reporting she will be strip-searched before she enters the jail. According to one former inmate, the first day is the worst:

"It is something you will never forget," former inmate Tanya told "Good Morning America." "When you get strip searched it takes away a lot of dignity. You are not in a room by yourself."

And, no, pervs. There won't be video of this magnificent time. Keep coming back to HC for your latest on Linds!

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