Lindsay Lohan Skips Out On Lease

Sep 07th, 2009

First of all we'd like to slap the landlord on the hand for actually trusting Lindsay Lohan to pay her crap on time. You know this girl saves up whatever TV movie money she makes on blow and LSD. And in some more drama that is Lindsay's everyday life, seems the once actress is looking to skip out on her $50,000 tab. claims the hot mess has five months left on her lease, but is opting to skip out and leave the large bill behind.

Lindsay Lohan is a landlord’s nightmare. The Hollywood hellcat, who had a year’s lease, plans to move from her apartment, leaving behind a $50,000 lease tab, reports. "Lindsay has five months left on her lease," one neighbor told the Web site. "She’s breaking her lease by moving on at this time." Her Hollywood Hills apartment cost her $10,000 per month. But if she think’s she’s going to get her security deposit back, she’s so mistaken. "There’s going to be damages, the property is in total disrepair since she’s moved in, it’s not able to be shown in it’s current state, it’s going to take some serious work to get it back to it’s original condition," the insider also said. "Lindsay used the excuse of the burglary as the reason for her moving out." (source)

A burglary that she more than likely set up to give herself an excuse after going on an all night coke binge in Sin City...that or invested whatever funds she has left in her newly plumped lips. If they want the cash, simply pop those babies open and we guarantee that's where she's hiding the money.

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