Lindsay Lohan Steals Them Jewels

Jun 17th, 2009

She's gotta keep her name in the papers somehow. London police want to talk to none other than Lindsay Lohan. About $50K worth of jewelry went missing from a recent magazine shoot she did while in the country. They should probably look up her nose since that's where it more than likely went.

A source told Holy Moly!:

"She kept going on about the jewels asking if she could have them. We all thought she was joking!"

The jewellers realised the £30k worth of bling was missing after the shoot and contacted the magazine, who denied any knowledge of their whereabouts.

Requests for information, or for the return of the swag, has been repeatedly put to Lindsay's representatives, but two weeks later both magazine and jewellers have yet to receive any form of response. This has left them with no alternative but to pass the case on to British police. (source)

The girl looks like a crackhead on a stick. Would any of us be surprised if she stole all of that to enjoy a trip down coke memory lane? Knowing her she's probably wearing the crap she stole. She's smart, you know?

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