Lindsay Lohan To Write Memoirs (AKA A How To Guide On Snorting Coke)

Mar 05th, 2010

Brace yourselves. Known for taking her clothes off for every magazine possible, snorting coke on the weekdays, and shooting up on the weekends, Lindsay Lohan now thinks she can tackle writing a book about her life. Please, we already have Lauren Conrad for that bullish.

"I write a lot and it's very therapeutic for me because then I can see what's happening on paper" (source)

What a great observation Lohan. I can already tell this is going to top the NYT Bestseller's List. Then again if some rich twat from Laguna Beach can hire someone to write for her and put her name on the cover and sell as much as she did (even topping the NYT Bestseller's List twice) then who knows what this moron is capable of. I think I'd rather read about the little girl from Parent Trap lost then a rich moron who tans for a living.

But then again I'd rather refrain from giving either of them my money.

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