Lindsay Lohan Tries To Hang Out With Jesus Luz & Fails

Mar 16th, 2010

Jesus Luz wasi n Paris at the VIP Club triggering his inner Pauly D aka DJing when who should arrive and try to hang out with him? None other than Lindsay Lohan. But since Jesus is on Madonna's tight leash, the new DJ stayed away from the troublesome star.

Sources on scene said:

"Lindsay got her people to phone the club to try and hang out with him. She knew he was hosting a night there with Alicia Keys and her boyfriend Swiss Beatz. But when Madge's people got wind of it they put a block on it.

"Jesus wasn't one to argue, he didn't want to upset Madonna and was just there to work. LiLo had to make do with a night in her hotel."

While Lindsay made her own career and threw it down the toilet, here's Jesus Luz who at this time two years ago was a nobody. Now he's eye candy, a paid DJ, and dating the material gal herself. Winner in this situation? Heeeeey Zeus. And while Lindsay may be in his age bracket, you don't chance a relationship with Madonna to hang out with an ever dwindling hot mess.

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