Lindsay Lohan Will Be In A Movie If She Escapes Jail Time

Feb 25th, 2011

Someone wants to take Lindsay Lohan on for a job. This person must be completely insane or Lohan's delusional. Not that the movie looks award winning or anything. If Lohan somehow magically escapes jail (which we doubt), she could be working on her next flick this summer.

Lindsay Lohan will be getting back to work as early as this summer, the actress confirms to Gossip Cop.

Should Lohan remain prison-free, she’ll be starring in a film titled Escaping the Game. The movie is about celebrities who can’t handle the attention brought about by their fame and, as a result, flee to a bremote island after faking their deaths or mysteriously disappearing.

Lohan is slated to play a woman who investigates these odd disappearances.

...or she could just disappear all together.

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