Lindsay Lohan's A Liar When It Comes To 'Saving' Children

Dec 16th, 2009

In the never ending saga that is Lindsay Lohan's life, looks like when home girl attempts to do good, she just lies instead. Or so claims Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) (Save Childhood Campaign) that Lindsay was supposed to chill and 'save' with."

The claim:

"The rescue operation took place on 8 December when she had not even arrived in India. Since she was not even in the country how can she claim she rescued the children. The raid was done by the Delhi government on a complaint launch by the [BBA]. We will now sue her for misinterpretation of facts, breach of trust and plagiarism of cause." (source)

Just to inform you, Lohan had written on her Twitter the following:

"Within one day's work...... This is what life is about..... Doing THIS is a life worth living!"

Which can be seen here on cache (, she has since deleted it. Not only can the US not stand yo a$$, but now you gotta go ahead and pick wars with other countries. Tsk, tsk LaLoTramp.

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