Lindsay Lohan's Expanding Her Clothing Line...Why?

Apr 09th, 2010

Following her father's engagement, Lindsay Lohan thought it'd be a good idea to expand her line, 6126. Because trash leggings weren't enough, she's going to feature mini-dresses, sequined-hoodies, and oversized-cardigans. This is really just a guide on how-to-look-like-Lindsay-Lohan-while-intoxicated.

Anyways, if you remember Lindsay was artistic director to Emanuel Ungaro last year. Go figure nobody liked her crap and thought everything was tacky. A running theme here, if you will.

Catastrophic reviews obviously made Ungaro president Mounir Moufarrige rethink Lindsay’s involvement in the company.

So, after her disastrous fashion debut, we were surprised to hear that Lindsay is preparing to expand her legging-only line, 6126. While the collection will still focus mainly on leggings, the Los Angeles Times reports that 6126 will now feature mini-dresses, sequined-hoodies, and oversized-cardigans. Priced from $60-$1000, the collection is set to hit stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Ron Herman in July, says LiLo’s PR rep.

The only people I see buying this garbage are drug addicts and that's because there's probably at least a gram of cocaine in the pockets of each item.

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