Lindsay Lohan's Getting A Roommate

Jan 12th, 2011

Lindsay Lohan has a new pal ya'll. If you thought she'd be living in her new Venice home alone, think again. TMZ found out the actress has to get a roommate and that roommate is one lucky SOB because they'll be staying there rent free. Must be nice.

Lindsay Lohan won't be living in her new Venice pad by herself -- TMZ has learned she's going to have a roommate ... and the girl will be staying there rent-free. We're told LiLo's new roomie is a girl she met during her time at Betty Ford. According to our sources ... the girl has been sober longer than Lindsay has (FYI -- Lindsay celebrated four months of sobriety Friday).

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels it's important to Lindsay to surround herself with other sober people. We're told she's helping the cash-strapped girl out ... letting her live rent-free.

Here's to hoping this girl doesn't lose her mind.

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