Lindsay Lohan's Missing Pants

Sep 11th, 2009

We already know her days and nights consist of binge drinking and starving herself by taking nose shots, but leaving your pants at home? Well there's always a first time for everything when it comes to Lindsay Lohan.

Here's our gal probably high on some LSD, walking around aimlessly, pretending she's Michael Jackson reincarnated with that hat, without any pats. They say only in New York, but when it comes to Lindsanity, only when she's around. At least Ali Lohan has a good role model---she'll now go to clubs WITHOUT pants.

Five bucks to the person who finds Lindsay's pants...our guess? Either in Samantha's mouth or at some random drug dealers house. She had to pay for it somehow...

September 11th, 2009 by Tags: Lindsay Lohan, no pants, anorexic, hot mess, drunk
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