Lindsay Lohan's Newest Habit: Partying with Tween Sister, Ali Lohan

Sep 15th, 2009

We're all for going out with your sibling, having a drink or two, and enjoying the evening...but not when your sibling is 15 years old. But wouldn't you know it? When it comes to Lindsay Lohan (*ah hem 23 years old*) she doesn't mind taking her tween sister to parties and clubs.

Addict in the making? Signs point to yes. Not only does Ali look like a 40-year-old cougar with all of that make-up and tanning (no wonder she doesn't get ID-ed), but who said acting your age was a bad thing? Didn't mama Lohan get the memo about raising children? Maybe, but allowing her tweens to attend nightclubs and bars certainly aren't out of the question.


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