Lindsay Lohan's Robber May Spill Some Private Information

Sep 29th, 2009

Anybody else think Lindsay Lohan paid this Nick Prugo guy to rob her to get her name in papers again? I don't think it's too far out there to think about. Looks like Prugo may have some incriminating information about the troubled starlet. And that's making Lindsay even crazier.

A longtime Lindsay Lohan friend is whispering about concerns for the star and her reputation, now that information has arisen linking her personally to Nick Prugo, the guy charged with robbing her Los Angeles home. ''Everyone's worried he'll talk about issues that could hurt Lindsay ... stuff about drug use or borrowing clothes and jewelry that wasn't returned,'' said the source. ''This is not good.''

Prugo reportedly was a regular on the set of Lohan's recent film ''Labor Pains'' and seen frequently in intimate conversations with the star during breaks in filming. (source)

And this point it could be revealed that she works as prostitute on the side to satisfy her drug problem and no one would bat a lash.

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