Love & Marriage For Katy Perry & Russell Brand? Russell Says: "She's The Girl"

Nov 17th, 2009

Love is SURELY in the air for Katy Perry and Russell Brand or so claims the news world. Or maybe it's Russell giving us the clues as he claims Katy's "The Girl." Whatever that means. Well, apparently playboy Russell wants to settle down with the sultry singer.

As we've been reporting, the romance between comedian and actor Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry is getting hotter by the moment. While house-hunting in L.A., Brand was overheard revealing he's put his London home on the market, expects to marry Perry "very soon" and has become "extremely attached to" Perry's evangelical minister parents -- who have "totally changed my opinion about super-religious-type people," said Brand.

He also said he believes finding Perry has connected him with a true soul mate and made him put an end to his reputation as a womanizing serial dater. "She's the girl," Brand is quoted as gushing, "that's all there is to it." (source)

We can only imagine what kind of species these two could produce...

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