Madonna Dumps The Baby Weight

Feb 03rd, 2010

Madonna finally looked in the mirror and realized dating a 22-year-old was not going to make her any younger. Botox can only work for so long. So what does she do? Macks it to a much older gentleman instead at her Kabbalah center. Nothing says religion must like that.

One extreme to the other - Madge won’t have it any other way. People at the Kabbalah center were in shock the other day when they caught Madonna making out with a man who appeared to be in his mid seventies. Sources close to the singer said the Material Girl is tired of dating “shallowless toy boys”. The older man, a retired Wall Street exec, has been a regular at the center for almost 20 years, according to one of the centers’ longtime practitioners. “They’re definitely an item,” the source confirmed. (source)

I don't know what's worse. Mummy Madge tonguing it to a kid my age I'd like to bang or a Memaw and Pepaw going at it trying to keep their dentures in. Decisions. Vom.

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