Madonna Likes 'Em Young

Mar 09th, 2010

Are things kaput between Madonna and Jesus Luz? Looks like it as Madonna had a new boy toy under her arm this past weekend for all of the Oscar parties in Los Angeles. We all have our guilty pleasures, fortunately The City is not one of mine, but for all of you pseudo-fans out there, she's been hanging around one of the stars, Adam Senn.

Madonna sparked rumors of a cooling off between her and boy toy Jesus Luz by making the Oscar-party rounds in LA with handsome "The City" star Adam Senn, who's also a fellow Dolce & Gabanna model. A source said, "Madonna brought Jesus to the Oscar parties last year, but she wants to do it her way this year. She and Adam got on well while shooting for D&G, and she's smart enough to know that being seen together would generate more buzz for the campaign." Madonna was seen chatting with Elton John and manager Guy Oseary Thursday before heading to the bar, ordering vodka on the rocks, and dropping the f-word because they didn't have her favorite brand. (source)

How many vodka tonics do these guys have to down before they're able to look at Madonna square in the face? I love my Madge, but cool it with the botox, love.

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