Madonna Wins Adoption Appeal!

Jun 12th, 2009

It seems as though Madonna will be taking a holiday to Malawi after all! Announced just this morning, the singer has won her adoption appeal in Malawi and can now save 3-year-old Mercy from a life full of flies.

And just when you thought the material mom was made out of stone and Jesus Luz’s wang, her attorney told the press that she had been “awake all night long” waiting to hear the verdict and when the moment arrived, she was “ecstatic.”

It will take anywhere from 3-5 days to go through the necessary paperwork and schedule the private jet, but now that it is a done deal, all Madge has to do is sit back and wait for them to bring home her new little one. (source)

If you hear a loud cry from this website, it’s us writers and editors in torment and jealousy. Adopt us!

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