Madonna's A Neighbor From Loud Music Hell

Oct 22nd, 2009

She may have millions of fans, but she has not found one in her New York City neighbor. Seems like her MaDjesty, Madonna, may have burned some bridges with the common folk around her. Blasting music at all hours of the night? Stomping and shaking up the walls for three hours a day? If we were her neighbor, we'd join, but it seems like it's gotten a bit out of control.

Pop superstar Madonna has been branded a 'neighbour from hell', and accused of using her 4m New York flat as a rehearsal studio with 'blaring music, stomping and shaking walls' for up to three hours each day.

Karen George has complained of 'unreasonably high-decibel, amplified music' and vibrations pouring through walls, ceilings and radiators.

"Madonna and one or more of her invited guests repeatedly dance and unreasonably high-decibel, amplified music, causing noise and vibration to pour through the walls, ceilings and radiators," says the lawsuit. "Ms. George has been forced to endure blaring music, stomping and shaking walls for approximately one and a half to three hours each day." (source)

Listen, it's not our faults Madge took on a toddler to potty train! Who knew Jesus Luz would be such a monster to train! No wonder it's so loud...

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