Madonna's Boy Toy, Jesus Luz, Gets An Allowance

Oct 15th, 2009

How lucky would any of us be to call Madonna our suga mama? Well, Jesus Luz is just that lucky. Not only does he have to pretend to enjoy mouthing our Lady Madge, but she even gives him an allowance to keep him in check! If that doesn't spell out LOVE, we don't know what does.

In Touch Weekly reports that the Material girl gives her boy of the moment $10K a month to cover his expenses. Where can we find a clone of Madonna?

Madonna’s boy toy, Jesus Luz, knows it pays to stick close to the Material Girl. According to a friend, Jesus, 23, put his modeling career on hold in order to accompany Madonna around the world — and that move is definitely paying off. “Jesus basically lived paycheck to paycheck before he met Madonna, and he, like most people, had bills,” a friend explains. But now, his money worries are a thing of the past. “Madonna gives him about $10,000 a month to cover his expenses, including his cell phone, insurance and credit card payments,” adds the pal. The 51-year-old star is also rumored to have decided to buy Jesus a $2.7 million apartment in New York. (source)

Now he can't cross off male prostitution as an occupation if he ever has toooooo. She basically pays him to bone her.

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