Mariah Carey Apparently Loves Herself The Booze

Nov 05th, 2009

We usually don't post anything we're not sure of being truth, but this was just too funny not to post. Get this: according to The National Enquirer (okay, we know), looks like Nick Cannon wants to get wifey Mariah Carey some help with her booze-filled addiction.

Although Nick has been incredibly supportive of his superstar wife since they married in April 2008, he's fed up with her excessive partying and is blaming it for Mariah's inability to get pregnant, as well as her recent weight gain and bouts of insomnia, say insiders.

"Right now the situation is potentially explosive," a source divulged to The ENQUIRER. "They're still very much in love, but their problems are beginning to affect their marriage. Nick is demanding that Mariah cut back on the partying immediately. He hates that he's left to clean up the mess. The day after her boozing sessions is a nightmare for Nick because Mariah sleeps much of the day and then wakes up in a foul mood, and they end up fighting." (source)

Nick should shut his mouth and pray to the Gods of Heaven that he scored a multi-million dollar suga mama who is willing to put up with his young a$$ to make herself feel relevant and younger. Get it, Nick? We hope this story is true. We'd love to see the outcome of this craziness.

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