Mariah Carey Holds 'Em Up

Jun 08th, 2009

We're surprised that ultimate rumored-diva, Mariah Carey, doesn't have an assistant to solely hold up her dresses. From the looks of things at the annual Fresh Air Fund Salute to Heroes Gala in New York City last week, the Grammy award winning singer's got quite the heavy load in the upper body department.

Actually, we're pretty sure that's probably Nick Cannon's job. Why does she always wear shoes that make her look like a T-Rex? Girl is tall to begin with and when you're constantly wearing platform heels and bigger than your husband, we're left to wonder who runs the relationship.

Eh, we already know Mariah's got him under lock and key. Hollywood Chaos was in the Hamptons at AXE Lounge two weeks ago where Nick was house DJing for the night. Of course, Mariah was supposed to be there, but a source told us that since the weather was hair frizz-induced, she decided to stay in. Is she sure she's not a diva?

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