Mariah Carey Is Pregnant

Oct 29th, 2010

Mariah Carey is knocked up. After months and months of speculation, the 40-year-old singer announced on The Today Show that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting in the spring. How timely. With her new Christmas album coming out, what perfect publicity!

Apparently acupuncture helped the singer get preggers. Here's what she said:

It was on a schedule," she said during an interview on US television. "For the first time in my life, I spent time in one place." Carey, who suffered a miscarriage in 2008, said she decided to give acupuncture a go after fellow songstress Celine Dion spoke about it in a magazine interview. "She was talking about acupuncture. I used to get acupuncture, but I never thought about it with regards to the trying to conceive situation.

I put my body through a whole kind of cleansing situation and prepared," she said. The Hero singer also revealed how taking the hormone progesterone caused her to put on weight — and led to people spotting her pregnancy. "I did end up being on progesterone every month to go through the cycles — especially after going through operations and stuff," she said. "It helps seal the pregnancy, but it also bloats you, it also puts on weight.

They won't reveal the names they have picked out, but my guess is it's going to be "Rainbow Butterfly Glitter Cannon-Carey."

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