Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, On Again Off Again Relationship

Mar 24th, 2009

Every other day we hear about Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green breaking up and getting back together. We report the news, we show some incredibly hot pictures and the next day things change. It looks like Megan Fox has now moved out of Green's Hollywood Hills home and into a Hotel for the time being. While this doesn't exactly look like a wedding bells situation, it doesn't necessarily mean they are over. When Fox removes her Brian Austin Green tattoo we'll start making some calls about their relationship status, but until then, enjoy the pictures of a now potentially single Megan Fox!

Looks like we were onto something last time we told you stunner Megan Fox was done with 90210 dude Brian Austin Green—as the Awful Truth has exclusively disvovered Fox moved out of the posh Hollywood Hills home she shares with Green and into a hotel over the weekend. Is this it for good now?

"Well, when someone leaves and goes to a hotel," revealed an insider involved with the unfortunate sitch, "It doesn't exactly say, 'Let's get married,' does it?"

Awful Truth has learned that Fox, one of the hottest babes in town right on Angelina Jolie's heels, career-wise, was considering busting her engagement with Green once before. Certainly appears she's headed that way for good. A particularly sad fallout from this bust-up is Brian's young són, Cassius, who was very close to Fox. "He's incredibly upset," the insider said of Fox's departure, "He's just a little boy, he doesn't know what's going on." (source)

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