Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene...On Again?

Jun 26th, 2009

Megan Fox!!! Yes we are yelling at you! What are you doing to us?! Sure you're teasing us in these pics by licking your lips, but do we see you standing next to your old douche bagouche again?! Geez, how many times are we going to have to reprimand you?

Well, from the looks of things it seems as though Megan backtracked and went back into the loving arms of David Silver. That or she simply missed the loving down under that Brian Austin Greene must be packing. Why else does she keep going back?

Megan was in town promoting the hell out of Transformers 2 when paps went crazy and caught she and her old flame hanging out together. Meg, we get it. Sometimes you want the comfort of an old peen. Who are we to judge?

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