Megan Fox Gets Foxy In 'GQ' Magazine Spread

Jun 03rd, 2009

There's no telling what Megan Fox will do to keep the title of, well, let's face it---hottest chick on the planet. Her earlobe alone exudes sex. It's no wonder why girls around the world want to keep their fella's from surfing the Internet and even refrain them from browsing the supermarket magazine racks.

By the looks of her newest spread in GQ magazine, when you let the fox loose, she pulls all of the tricks out of the bag. Who knew that regardless of acting skills, handling your God given hottness was a job in itself? Gosh, Hollywood, you've had us fooled for quite some time!

So when Transformers 2 hits the screens this summer, don't let the guys (and chicks for that matter) fool anyone into thinking that they're viewing their childhood dream of cars transforming into gigantic, violent robots. Their simply creating a new sexual fantasy (with their fingers crossed for another popped hood scene.)

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