Megan Fox Half Naked = Sales at the Box Office

Oct 02nd, 2008

There is a particular formula agencies use to calculate how much a movie will make at the box office. The equation is a perfect balance between sex sells and well sex sells. Let me explain how the formula works and why Megan Fox is the queen of box office hits...

Hot (Actress + Body of Water)^69 x (White Shirt + Bra + Panties) + (36 x 24 x 36) + (Alcohol) = $

It's simple math people!

October 02nd, 2008 by Tags: megan fox, naked, box office, movies, alienate
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CHAOS on 10/02/2008 @ 16:49

The only smart and intellectual thing I can say to respond to this article is, "Wa wa wee wa!"

wtf on 11/04/2008 @ 21:01

what movie is that?!

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