Megan Fox Heats It Up In 'Cine Empire' Magazine

Jun 09th, 2009

Another day, some more Megan Fox. Not like we're complaining over here, but it's been the year of the Fox so far. AND check back on HC later for a few more pics of the Fox hotness at the Tokyo premiere of Transformers 2.

So leave it to Megan to shoot for Cine Empire magazine's Spain edition. Aside from the MTV Movie Awards, we think it's impossible for this broad to look bad. But we'd like to question what she was wearing at the awards show. It's like she woke up and said "OK, I'm going to make myself ugly today by shackling my hair down with grease." You are NOT Danny Zuko, dear. And do you know how incredibly hard that must have been??? That girl probably wakes up every morning exuding sex appeal even through bad breath.

Brian Austin are a lucky guy, my friend. Who knew playing David Silver could get you so far? I guess putting in time with a camel like Donna Martin paid off in the end.

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