Megan Fox Is A Human Barbie Doll In Fishnets and Sexy Pumps

Aug 15th, 2009

Is it us or is Megan Fox starting to look as perfect as a Barbie doll? Every time we catch a glimpse of her we just can't stop staring. Her juicy red lips and banging Barbie body help too.

Leave it up to Megan Fox to show us how to work a pair of fishnets and pin-up girl pumps. Megan Fox is showing us just what we like to see.

Ruby red lipstick on a perfect pout combined with her bombshell body has to leave us wondering. Where did she come from? Is she even from this planet? We haven't seen beauty like this since Barbie hit the scene in 1959.

Let's just hope she doesn't go too far and become human botox Barbie or even worse, trashy Barbie, nervous-breakdown Barbie, anorexic Barbie...uh..well you know the celebrity types we've encountered here and there.

Well one thing's for sure by the looks of these photos.

Megan Fox has a guaranteed spot as a perky pin-up girl if her acting career just happens to topple over.

Megan Fox rocks!

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