Megan Fox Leaves the Bra at Home

Jun 16th, 2009

Megan Fox sure knows how to work the camera and the perverted world of men. Not only was her dress at the Berlin premiere of Transformers 2 eye pleasing, but it looks as though our favorite gal left something important home. We doubt she had time to check the weather.

Sure she looks like a Las Vegas show girl, but we still applaud Megan for coming out. And as much as we appreciate the hard nipple action, we just want to put a coat around our poor gal. We'd never want her to get sick--that would mean less pictures for us.

While her nipples may be crying in agony, that didn't stop the Fox from leaving her bra at home. We bet Shia LaBeouf didn't have a problem with it. Nor the rest of the world.

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